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UTM Tags Relay

So you are building a SaaS. Every SaaS founder wants his/her baby to grow.
To grow, you need to carefully filter marketing channels. How to do that?

Old good UTM tags are here to help. You can use a campaign URL builder and easily monitor traffic quality by placing get params to your URL. Like this: (looks icky but works).

So. Now you can research your landing page traffic. Good.
But your SaaS sign up event is what it all about. We need to keep UTMs during the sign up process.
But when a user clicks a "Sign up" button on your landing page and he is redirected to the "Sign up" page without UTM tags.
They are lost! See:

But do not worry! UTM relay is here to help. All you need is to enable it in your Unicorn Platform button settings:

That is it! Now all UTM tags (and other GET params) will be transferred from your landing page to your SaaS sign up page. 

Here is how it looks like:

How, when a user signs up my application, I keep the UTM tags in my database and can filter marketing channels.

If you hate the UTM syntax, you can use any other GET params. For example, "ref": - if you click this link and sign up I will remember the source you came from forever and can use it for researches.

That is all!
I hope the UTM relay feature will be useful for you ✌️🤓

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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