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How to embed a Trustpilot widget

This simple guide will help you to add a Trustpilot widget to your website.

About Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a customer review website that hosts over 4 million new reviews monthly. It is a great way to get your company noticed.

73.6% of Trustpilot visitors say they are more likely to make a purchase from a website that's displaying Trustpilot reviews on-site.

By showing the Trustpilot rating on your website, you can significantly increase your conversion rates and gain customers' trust. This is where Trustpilot widgets come into play.

How to add

Go to Showcase > Website Widgets and select the one you prefer.

Trustpilot offers two free widgets to choose from. You will have to upgrade your plan to get access to more widgets.

Now you can customize its size, language and theme. After you finish, click Get Code.

You will see two blocks of code.

Copy the first one and put it in your General Settings > <Head>

Then place Custom HTML component wherever you want to place your widget.

And put the second block of code in it.

Click Open Page to see the results.

As you see, it's quite narrow by default. You will need to add some more custom code to make it wider.

Wrap the code in the Custom HTML component with the following HTML tags.

<div style=" padding: 40px 0;">
<!-- Trustpilot widget -->

Done! Your website now has this cute widget 🤗

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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