This guide will help you connect Crisp live chat platform to your website.

Crisp is all-in-one multichannel messaging platform to connect with your customers. You can use it as a livechat, setup chatbots, collect contacts in CRM, make automations, create help center (just like ours) and much more. It has forever free plan with 2 seats included, Pro plan for $25/month and Unlimited plan for $95/month.

Set up time: 2 mins.
Difficulty: easy.

Step 1: Go to then click integrations:

Crisp settings

Step 2: Go to HTML and copy the script tag:

Crisp HTML code

Step 3: Add the code

Open Unicorn Platform, go to your Website Settings > Custom Code tab, paste your code in the first field and hit the save button:

Website settings, Custom code

Done! Now you have a crisp chat on your website.

Crisp chat example
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