This guide will show you how to open the Crisp chatbox via a custom button.

Custom button that opens the Crisp chat

Before you proceed please make sure you have installed Crisp on your website. Learn how to do it in our simple guide.

Step 1/4

Copy this code:

$crisp.push(['do', 'chat:open']);

Step 2/4

In Unicorn Platform, open the required button's settings:

Button customization menu

Button settings tab

Step 3/4

Paste the code from step 1 into the onclick field:

Pasted code

Step 4/4

Replace the button's URL with this ID: #0

Button URL field

You can use any random number instead of 0. For example, it can be #123.


Open the live version of your website and click the button to see the results.

Opened Crisp chat
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