If you want to learn more about your website visitors your can connect the Google Analytics tracking software. How to do that?

Basically, the Google Analytics is a piece of JavaScript code.
So all you need to enable Google Analytics is to paste the Google code on all your Unicorn Platform pages.
This is actually a trivial task. Once you did it, you will be able to add any widgets in the future. 

Step 1. Get the GA code.

Login your Google Analytics dashboard and select your website panel.
Click 'Admin' → 'Tracking Code' to see this screen and copy the code:

Step 2. Place the code in Unicorn Platform website settings.

Login your Unicorn Platform account and go to website settings.
Click 'Custom code'.
Paste your Google Analytics code in the first field and hit the save button.

That is it! Now your website is empowered with the Google Analytics.
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