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How to embed Airtable

Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. You can create a table and embed it into your Unicorn platform site.

In this guide, I'll show you how to do it.

Airtable embedded in a website

How to embed Airtable?

Step 1. Find and copy the embed code

In the table that you want to embed into your page, click on the Share view button.

Airtable table settings

Then click on Embed this view on your site.

Options for sharing on Airtable
Here you will find the embed code. You should copy it.

Code for embedding Airtable

Step 2. Embed into your website

Now, in the place on the page where you would like to embed the table, insert the Сustom HTML component.

Custom HTML component

Kindly paste the previously copied code into the component editor.

Inserting the embed code


And that's it. You embedded Airtable into your page!

Airtable embedded natively

Thus, the table will be embedded in the full width of the page. You can center the table by adding a small code snippet to the embed code: <div class="container"> embed code </div>

Additional code to embed Airtable in the center of the page

If you're wondering how to resize a table, please, read the next.

How to resize a table? (section for geeks 🤓)


Add some another default class to the container class: container—large, container—mid, or container—small, you can fine-tune the width:

<div class="container container--large"> embed code </div>

<div class="container container--mid"> embed code </div>

<div class="container container--small"> embed code </div>

For example:

Code customized to change table width


The height can be changed directly in the code provided by Airtable. By changing the value of the height attribute, select the ideal one for you.

Editing the code provided by the Airtable

I hope this guide was clear and helpful. If something is unclear or you face any difficulties, please contact us.

Updated on: 08/04/2022

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