If the URL of your website contains one of the following parameters, Unicorn Platform will automatically add them to the submitted form data:


Form data with utm_campaign parameter

Even though this process is automatic, some 3rd party services require extra configuration to receive URL parameters.


In your MailerLite dashboard, go to Subscribers > Fields. Create a new field for each parameter that you would like to capture.

Additional MailerLite fields for each parameter

Form data with utm_source parameter in MailerLite

To learn more about Mailerlite, please read our guide.


In Mailchimp dashboard, go to Signup forms > Settings tab > Audience fields and |MERGE| tags.

Fields menu in Mailchimp

Create a new field for each parameter that you would like to capture. Mailchimp requires a specific format for field names, so you will need to use alternative parameter names when creating fields in Mailchimp:

For ref use REF
For utm_campaign use UTM_CAMP
For utm_source use UTM_SOURCE
For utm_medium use UTM_MEDIUM
For utm_content use UTM_CONT
For utm_term use UTM_TERM

Additional Mailchimp fields for each parameter

You can also give each field a human-friendly label.

Field labels

Form data with ref parameter in Mailchimp

To learn more about Mailchimp, please read our guide.
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