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How to connect form integrations

This article will show you how to collect visitors' data via contact forms.

In order to collect emails and other data, you will need to connect a form integration. Unicorn Platform provides a number of integrations, each with its pros and cons.

Let's take a look at the 2 most popular integrations: Google Sheets and Mailchimp.

Google Sheets

The service price: Free
Set up time: 1 min

Google Sheets is extremely easy to set up (it takes literally a few clicks). It is a good choice for beginners or for those who don't expect a huge number of subscribers. However, Google Sheets does not provide any advanced tools to manage your contact list or to run a marketing campaign.

Learn more about connecting Google Sheets in our simple guide.


The service Price: Free for up to 2,000 contacts
Set up time: 3 min

Mailchimp is a full-fledged all-in-one marketing platform, with features like surveys, segments, email templates and more. However, it comes with a bit of a learning curve and takes a little more time to set up.

Learn more about connecting Mailchimp in our simple guide.

Need help with setting up an integration? Feel free to reach us in the support chat 🙂

Updated on: 20/07/2022

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