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How to connect MailerLite form integration

This guide details how to connect the MailerLite integration to forms for collecting users' data from your website.

User data collected by MailerLite

Please note that this integration will not work with MailerLite Classic (the old version of MailerLite).

1. Log in to your MailerLite account

To get started, you should log in to your account. Or, if you don't have an account yet, sign up.

MailerLite log in screen

2. Create a form on MailerLite

On the left panel, select the Forms tab.

MailerLite dashboard

Select the Embedded forms option and click Create.

Selecting a form option

Give your form a name and click Save and continue.

Naming a form

Create a subscriber group, or select an existing one. Then click on Continue.

Group selection

Skip editing the form and click Done editing.

Editing the form

3. Connect MailerLite to Unicorn Platform

Scroll down the page a little bit, and you will see the options for embedding the form. Choose HTML code.

Embedding options

Then, you need to copy the form action from the code. To find the required portion of the code, use the page search with the keyword "action" (Cmd + F or Ctrl + F on most browsers).

Searching for the necessary piece of code

Select and copy the value of the action. Please do not include the quotes.

Example of the correct form action:

Selected form action

Hint: You can slightly decrease the browser window to make the code field wider.

Now paste this copied string into a Unicorn Platform component which contains a MailerLite form.

Editing form component

Done! Your form will now collect visitor emails and send them to your MailerLite group.

4. Creating additional form fields

If you would like to collect more than just emails (e.g. names or phones), you will need to do an additional configuration.

First, add the required fields to your Unicorn Platform form.

Unicorn Platform form editor

Open the new field's settings and check its name.

In MailerLite, go to Subscribers -> Fields. Check if the field name in Unicorn Platform matches one of the default names in MailerLite.

Letter case doesn't matter, meaning that "NAME" = "Name" = "name"

In our example, the field name in Unicorn Platform is "FNAME". MailerLite doesn't have a TAG with this name, but it has a TAG named "name". To connect the new field to MailerLite, we need to change the field name in Unicorn Platform to "name".

The next field's name is "WEBSITE".

The "WEBSITE" field name

MailerLite doesn't have a field named "Website", so we need to create one. To do so, click Create field.

And enter the required field name.

Now the field named "WEBSITE" is also connected to MailerLite.

In the "Name" field on the website, use only the name from the "Tag" field in MailerLite.

⚠️ Before launching, please make sure that all form fields on your website align with the fields in the MailerLite form.

And that's it! Now MailerLite will collect the visitors' data properly ✨

Facing difficulties setting up the integration? Feel free to contact us via support chat 🙂

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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