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Guide: connect Google Sheets integration to a form (2 min)

This simple guide will help you connect Google Sheets to forms and collect users' data from your landing page.

Set up time: 2 min.
Difficulty: literally a few clicks.
Requirements: Google account.

NOTE: Please make sure to disable your ad-blockers before you start the set-up.

Step 1: Add a form component to your site

Click to the button "Insert a page component":

Choose a form component:

Step 2: Add Google Sheets integration to the form:

Click to the button "Edit component":

Then in the right sidebar find "Connect new integration", click this one and in the next sidebar choose the button "Connect Google Sheets":

You will see another sidebar with "Connect Google Sheets" and additional info, click the Google-branded button, and go through the standard Google account authorization process.
Unicorn Platform will ask some permissions:

Allow needed permission:

then some magic...

🎉 Integration was created! From now on, you will get users' data from your form straight into a spreadsheet.

Unicorn Platform created and put the new spreadsheet to your Google Drive. Please note that we log you out of your Google account. We never store your account access or credentials.
You can find a link to the spreadsheet in the integration tooltip. Click on the link to open the spreadsheet.

Step 3: Check your spreadsheet and continue editing your form:

Your sheet will contain two default columns with ID and CREATED ON cells.
Other columns duplicate existing form fields with connected Google Sheets integration.
Kindly do not edit or remove the default column ID

Unicorn Platform service Google account (special "dummy" account) will get permissions to the spreadsheet for writing forms data.
Please, don't revoke the access. It is needed to populate your spreadsheet.

You can continue to change your form component, even if you have already begun to receive data from users. Unicorn Platform will create new columns automatically. It will never delete the old ones so that you don't lose your data.

Please note this integration only works on websites that are hosted on Unicorn Platform.

Notifications about interaction with form

Google Sheets has the ability to connect notifications directly to the sheet itself.
Read the instruction to enable notifications in a spreadsheet:

Turn on notifications in a spreadsheet

N.B.: Data processing: We explained in detail which permissions we get, why we need it, and how we work with the access granted in our friendly Privacy policy.


Updated on: 20/07/2022

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