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Setting up Zapier form integration

Zapier is an automation tool that connects multiple services. You can set up transferring data from one source to another without writing a single line of code.

Data submitted via form in a Discord channel

For example, you can translate all your incoming DMs in a social network to a CRM. Or send a notification in Discord when you get a new email.

You can create tricky multi-step combinations with all their 5000+ integration options and turn your forms into a powerful marketing machine.

Pair this with the sweetest landing page builder in the world and you will become unstoppable! 😈

So how to pair Zapier with Unicorn Platform?

This guide will teach you how to collect visitor emails using Unicorn Platform's beautiful forms and send them to Discord via Zapier.

Pairing with Discord is described as an example. But in fact, you can connect any application offered by Zapier that suits you best.

1. Add a form integration

Navigate to your Unicorn Platform website page. Start editing a component with a form. Press “Connect new integration”.

Adding form integration

Then click on "Connect Zapier".

Form integrations marketplace

Click on "Add integration".

Connecting Zapier

Once you've connected the integration to your form, submit the form. This is necessary so that Zapier receives a sample of the data that will be sent through the form.

2. Log in to your Zapier account

To get started, you should log in to your account. Or, if you don't have an account yet, sign up.

Zapier log in screen

3. Create a new Zap

A combination of data automation is called a Zap. Click on "Create Zap".

Creating a new Zap

4. Set up your Zap trigger

A trigger is an event that starts your Zap.

Choose an app

Use the search bar to find Unicorn Platform app.

Choosing app

Choose an event

An event is what starts the Zap. Choose the option "Form Submission". Then click on "Continue".

Choosing event

Give Zapier access to your Unicorn Platform account

Click on "Authorize Zapier".

Zapier authorization to access Unicorn Platform account

You can revoke access at any time in your Applications settings

Choose account

Select your Unicorn Platform account and click on "Continue".

Choosing Unicorn Platform account

Choose your website and integration

You should select the site on which you set up the integration earlier and select the integration. When it's done, click on "Continue".

Selecting a website and integration

Test trigger

Click "Test Trigger". Zapier will find your recent form submission so that it has a sample of the submitted data format.

Trigger testing

If there was no form submission, it will offer its own sample. Next, click on "Continue".

Search results of submissions

5. Set up your Zap action

Zapier actions pass the data from your form fields to an application.

Choose app & event

Use the search bar to find the application you need. In the example we choose Discord. Next, as an Event, select "Send Channel Message". Click on "Continue".

App and events selection

Choose your account in Discord

Choosing your Discord account

Authorize access to your Discord account

Give Zapier access to your Discord account and select a server.

Authorization of Zapier's access to the account in Discord

Next, click on "Continue".

Set up an action

Customize your action. Select the channel in which the form submissions should come, indicate the text of the message, field names, and further settings that you need.
And click "Continue".

Setting up an action

Test action

To make sure you've set everything up correctly, and also to check the format of the incoming message, you need to test the action. Click on "Test action".

Testing an action

The message will be sent to your Discord channel.

Test message in Discord channel

After you receive a test message and make sure you set everything correctly, click "Publish Zap".

And that's it, Your Zap is on & working!

Pause a Zap

You can pause your Zap at any time. To do this, go to the Zap menu. And then, next to the Zap that you would like to pause, switch the toggle from "on" to "off". In the same way, you can reactivate Zap.

Pausing a Zap

You can check the status of Zap directly in the Unicorn Platform Builder by hovering over the integration.

Zapier integration status

When Zap is paused, your Unicorn Platform form will no longer pass submission data to the application. And there will be an error when submitting the form.

Form submitting error with paused Zap

Facing difficulties setting up Zapier? Feel free to contact us via support chat 🙂

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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