In this guide, you will learn how to add reCAPTCHA to your Unicorn Platform website without writing any code.

Suspicious submission attempt blocked by reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA is a free service by Google that protects your contact forms from spam.

Unicorn Platform provides invisible reCAPTCHA v2 integration. It will not interrupt your visitors unless their behaviour is considered suspicious.

Before we get started, please make sure that you:

Upgraded your Unicorn Platform account to the Startup plan or higher.
Have a Google account.

Table of contents:

Step 1 – Register your website
Step 2 – Activate reCAPTCHA

Step 1 – Register your website

To get started with reCAPTCHA, visit the Admin Console.

reCAPTCHA Admin Console

Choose the type: reCAPTCHA v2 > Invisible reCAPTCHA badge.

The required type of reCAPTCHA

Add all domain names associated with your website.

Domain registration field

reCAPTCHA detects subdomains automatically. For example, if you add to the domain list, reCAPTCHA will also work for,, etc.

Carefully read reCAPTCHA's Terms of Service before accepting and press Submit.

Terms of Service by reCAPTCHA

And finally, copy the provided site key.

The site key field

Step 2 – Activate reCAPTCHA

To activate reCAPTCHA for your website, go to the page editor. Start editing any component that contains a contact form and press Activate reCAPTCHA.

reCAPTCHA activation button

Enable reCAPTCHA and paste the site key that you copied previously.

reCAPTCHA configuration menu

reCAPTCHA configuration is global. It means that changes made for 1 form will be applied to every other form on your website automatically.

Now save changes and open the live version of your website to see the result. If everything is configured correctly, you should see a small "protected by reCAPTCHA" badge at the bottom right corner.

reCAPTCHA badge

That's it! Now all forms on your website are protected by reCAPTCHA.


If for some reason reCAPTCHA doesn't work properly, the badge should contain an error message. This message will allow you to identify and fix the issue.

Example of an error message

Here are some of the most possible issues.

reCAPTCHA badge doesn't appear on your website

Please make sure that you've enabled reCAPTCHA, entered the site key, and didn't hide the badge.

reCAPTCHA configuration

We suggest that you keep the badge visible until you make sure that reCAPTCHA is working properly. You can hide it later at any time.

"ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key"

This issue happens when the site key that you've entered is incorrect. To fix it:

Go to your reCAPTCHA Admin Console > Settings, and copy the site key again.

reCAPTCHA site key

Paste it into the site key field.

Pasted site key

Make sure that you saved the changes.

"Save changes" button

"ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key"

This error appears when the registered domains are incorrect. To fix it:

Go to your reCAPTCHA Admin Console > Settings.
Make sure that you've entered the correct domain names, and add the new ones if necessary.

Domain registration field


By activating reCAPTCHA on your website, you allow Google to collect the personal information of your visitors. Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Please explicitly inform your users that the website is protected by reCAPTCHA, and update your Privacy Policy if necessary.
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