Collecting emails is a crucial goal for the majority of landing pages. With Unicorn Platform you can quickly hook up your MailChimp account and start collecting emails right away. This illustrated guide will help you to set the forms up in a few minutes.

Updated on 19th of June 2019. Mailchimp has changed their interface, so I have changed the screenshots below.

Unicorn Platform offers predesigned and precoded AJAX forms (so-called Diaforms) which work out of the box:

These magical forms do this:

Engage users to subscribe to your newsletter.
Collect emails and send them to your MailChimp list via AJAX.
Show server or network errors.

All you need to activate it is to copy-paste a unique attribute from your MailChimp account. Here is a few steps guide to set the forms up:

1. Login and Go to “Audience”

Login into your MailChimp account and navigate to the Lists page.

2. Select a List and press “Signup forms”

Select a MailChimp list you want to fill in in the “Current audience” section. If you don’t have any lists – create one.

Then click “Manage audience” and press “Signup forms”:

Step 3. Click “Embedded Forms”

Step 4: Click “Unstyled”

Step 5: Copy the “action”

Now you see an example of an unstyled form. What you need in the action attribute value.

Step 6: Get the desired MailChimp form attribute.

Take note, that MailChimp will select the whole code for you (but you only the needed little string). That’s not a problem for such a sharp-witted maker like you Copy the code into any text editor (e.g. SublimeText) and extract that little string:

Final Step: Replace the “action”

All you need to do is to paste the extracted action value into a Unicorn Platform component which contains a MailChimp form:

That’s all! Congratulations! Now your form will collect visitors’ emails and send them to your MailChimp list.
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