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How to add table of contents to blog posts

This guide will show you how to add table of contents to your blog posts.

Step 1

Add the Raw HTML sections in the place where the titles should be. To do this kindly press the tab button and select Raw HTML.

Step 2

In the code section, use HTML to write your title and assign it an ID in the following manner: <h2 id="your-id">Your heading</h2>.

You can replace h2 with h3, h4 etc. depending on the required heading level.

Step 3

Create a table of content in your blog post.

Step 4

Create a link leading to the desired title by specifying the ID of the title.

In the link, you need to specify the title's ID starting with the #.


Now when you click on an item in the table of contents, you will be directed to the relevant section.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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