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Create a blog with Unicorn Platform

Simple blogging tool for busy founders

We are happy to introduce Blogs by Unicorn Platform, a significant addition to our landing page builder. Released in 2020, our blog module is a simple alternative to more complicated tools such as WordPress. Create personal or corporate blogs without having to learn design and programming.

Share ideas, tell your stories and improve your creativity with Unicorn Platform blogs.

Grow your business

Gain audience, attract new customers and keep them in touch with the latest updates.

Grow personally

Improve your writing skills, build your knowledge and express yourself.

Start a blog in just a few clicks

To create a blog, choose Blog tab and press Add blog post button.

Your first post will be created automatically as a draft. You can now start writing!

You can move, delete or edit single elements by using the Tune button.

Press the Tab button to see the list of commands. Use images, lists, quotes and other tools to vary your text and make it more structured and easy to perceive.

Hidden feature! You can switch your blog post rich text editor into a plain HTML input. Read more in our article.

You can also insert raw HTML in any place of your blog post.

Unicorn Platform allows you to embed tweets and youtube videos. Just copy the full URL of a video or a tweet and paste it in the page editor.

To make your post visible to the internet, you will need to publish it.

Before publishing, you can change your post URL and thumbnail.

By setting the post visibility to public, you make it available for everyone to watch. It will also appear on your blog's homepage.

If the visibility is set to draft, the post will be available for you only.

Setting visibility to direct URL will make the post visible for people with direct URL access.

After you publish at least one post, the whole blog will be published automatically.

Your blog is seamlessly integrated with your landing page. It has consonant design and will be placed in your root domain:

However, if you want to use another tool for your landing page, you still can easily connect a Unicorn Platform blog to your current ecosystem by attaching a subdomain as a blog root URL.

Apply custom colors, fonts and logo to make your blog match with your brand style. Read more on setting colors and fonts in our short articles.

As you see, creating a blog on Unicorn Platform is super easy. You don't need to be a designer or a developer to make high quality posts. Just focus on the content and leave the boring stuff to us

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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