This article will help to connect your custom domain to Cloudflare™.
The Cloudflare™ free plan covers basic DDoS protection, increases your website loading speed and grants you an eternal SSL certificate.

To set it up, sign up the Cloudflare™ free plan and log in.

Hit "Add website":

Enter your domain e.g.

Choose the free plan and hit "Continue". Follow the steps they ask you to do to set up the domain.

Add 2 A-type DNS records: for @ and www :

Set the SSL to Flexible:

Create the "Always use HTTPS" page rule:

That is it!

Now check out your website. It should get a cute lock icon near it:

Is something is not going smooth, simply chat with us 🤓

Please do not use Cloudflare™ Rocket Load. It will break our script.
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