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Typing text animation

This guide will show you how to create an eye-catching typing text animation for your headlines in just a few steps.

Step 1/5

Copy this code:

var TxtRotate = function(el, toRotate, period) {
  this.toRotate = toRotate;
  this.el = el;
  this.loopNum = 0;
  this.period = parseInt(period, 10) || 2000;
  this.txt = '';
  this.isDeleting = false;

TxtRotate.prototype.tick = function() {
  var i = this.loopNum % this.toRotate.length;
  var fullTxt = this.toRotate[i];

  if (this.isDeleting) {
    this.txt = fullTxt.substring(0, this.txt.length - 1);
  } else {
    this.txt = fullTxt.substring(0, this.txt.length + 1);

  this.el.innerHTML = '<span class="wrap">'+this.txt+'</span>';

  var that = this;
  var delta = 300 - Math.random() * 100;

  if (this.isDeleting) { delta /= 2; }

  if (!this.isDeleting && this.txt === fullTxt) {
    delta = this.period;
    this.isDeleting = true;
  } else if (this.isDeleting && this.txt === '') {
    this.isDeleting = false;
    delta = 500;

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, delta);

window.onload = function() {
  var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('txt-rotate');
  for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
    var toRotate = elements[i].getAttribute('data-rotate');
    var period = elements[i].getAttribute('data-period');
    if (toRotate) {
      new TxtRotate(elements[i], JSON.parse(toRotate), period);

  var css = document.createElement("style");
  css.type = "text/css";
  css.innerHTML = ".txt-rotate > .wrap { border-right: 0.08em solid #303030 } .txt-rotate, .wrap { font-family: inherit !important;}";

Step 2/5

Paste it into your General settings > </body> custom HTML code

Step 3/5

In the following code, replace the words that will be animated with your own ones:

<span class="txt-rotate"   data-period="2000"      data-rotate='[ "Makers", "Founders", "Hackers" ]'></span>

This is what you need to replace (make sure to keep the quotes!):

You can add or remove any number of words. For example, this is the code with only 2 words:

<span class="txt-rotate"   data-period="2000"      data-rotate='[ "Makers", "Founders" ]'></span>

And this is the same code with 5 words:

<span class="txt-rotate"   data-period="2000"      data-rotate='[ "Makers", "Founders", "Hackers", "Coders", "Marketers" ]'></span>

This step may seem a little tricky, but it's much easier than it looks 😉

Step 4/5

Copy the code from step 3 and paste it inside the required headline field (at the very end):

Step 5/5

Write text that will be placed before the animated part:


Save changed and open the live version of your website to see the results 🔥

Additional adjustments

If the width of your headline is too big, you might see constant shifts:

To fix that, simply move the animated part to the new line by adding tag <br> next to its code:

You also might want to change the color of the cursor.

To do so, go to the code that you added to your General settings > </body> custom HTML code and replace the color code here:

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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