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There are pages in Google Search Console that are not on the site

If you notice pages in Google Search Console that you did not create:

Checking if Your Pages Are Indexed by Google

This guide will help you understand why you might not see your newly created pages in Google search results right away

Sitemap Check:

There's a tool called a "sitemap" that helps search engines like Google discover the pages on your website. You can check if your pages are listed in your sitemap by visiting this URL (replace with your actual website address):

Indexing Delay:

Even if your pages are included in your sitemap, it might take Google a few days to process and index them. This is completely normal. In some cases, it may take even longer.

What to Do

There's no need to worry if you don't see your pages immediately. Google will find them eventually, especially if they're included in your sitemap.

If the problem persists after a while, please contact us at Unicorn support

Updated on: 15/07/2024

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