This simple guide will help you connect Stripe and accept one-time and recurring payments right from your landing page 💸

Set up time: 5 min.
Difficulty: easy-peasy.
Requirements: Stripe business account*, HTTPS secured connection (provided by Unicorn Platform).

*Please note that Stripe is available in 34 countries. If your country is not on the list you will not be able to use Stripe and therefore connect this integration._

Step 1: Enable Stripe Checkout:

In order to use Stripe Checkout you need to activate it first.
Navigate your Stripe account Checkout settings and activate it:

Also enter your website domain;

Step 2: Copy the Stripe publishable API key:

Go to your Stripe dashboard https://dashboard.stripe.com/test/apikeys and copy the publishable API key:

Step 3: Paste the publishable API key in Unicorn Platform:

Kindly paste the Publishable key in Unicorn Platform:

This should be done only once.

Step 4: Create a product:

Go to your Stripe products list and add a product.

If you are an old Stripe user, you will be asked to choose between versions.

For both One-time purchase and recurring product click here:

Step 5: Copy Price ID:

Go to the products list .
Click on a product.
Copy Price ID (see screenshot).

Step 6: Paste the copied ID in Unicorn Platform:

And select the product type (one-time or recurring).

That is it!
Now your button acts as a Stripe Checkout opener, not as a regular link 🙂👍

You can paste another ID on your other buttons to offer various products to purchase.

I hope this guide was helpful. If you still have any questions about Stripe, you are welcome to ask anything in the online chat. As always.

Bonus: Advanced configuration:

Edit purchase flow URLs:

Enter "successful" and "canceled" purchase URLs to send a message to your customers or do some tracking activities.

By default your customers will be redirected to the same page with an opened popup:


Go to 4876d500-8639-4017-8459-59ead58992d3 to customize logo and brand colors:


N.B.: Data processing:

It is important to know that Unicorn Platform never stores your customers' emails or credit card details. This data never even touches our servers - it is passed directly to Stripe. This guarantees a high level of data security.

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