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Share access to a website

Unicorn Platform allows you to share access to your website with other Unicorn Platform users.

The Shared access (or multiuser access) feature is commonly used by agencies.
Agencies use Unicorn Platform to create websites for their clients. Then agencies give their clients access to the website so the clients can make future editions.

The Shared access feature can also be used by startups. You can share website with your co-founder or partner and edit it together.

⚠️ Please note: the multiuser access does not support concurrent edition. Only the latest saved changes will be applied. Do not edit a website simultaneously with others!

To share access with a person, navigate to Website settings:

Then enter the email of a Unicorn Platform user account and hit the "Grant full access" button:

That is it! Now the user with the email "" will have an access to the website.

The added users will be able to:

✅ View the website pages.
✅ Edit the website pages content.
✅ Duplicate the website and own a copy of it on their account.
✅ Edit settings of the website and its website pages.
✅ Create, publish, clone and delete pages.
✅ Same for the website blog: view, edit and manage blog and blog posts.

Added users will not be able:

❌ Delete the website or its blog.
❌ Change the collaborators access setting.

The Shared access feature is available on the Startup plan and all the larger plans. Please check out our pricing to learn more:

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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