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How to refresh Open Graph cache

After you share a link on any social network or messenger, Open Graph data is automatically saved for it and a page preview is generated. This preview is stored in the cache of the corresponding social network or messenger. When the page data changes, the previous preview may remain in the cache. The following guide describes how to update it manually.
You can usually use special tools called link debuggers.
To use them, just copy the share link and paste it into the input box, click the button and you're done, the Open Graph cache has been updated!

Below are links to some social media debuggers:



How LinkedIn Post Inspector inspect our link


Link: Twitter Card validator

Twitter Card validator


Link: Facebook Sharing Debugger

Facebook Sharing Debugger


You should send a sharing link to Webpage Bot on Telegram

Telegram Webpage Bot.
It'll update the link preview and show the latest changes.

Chat with Webpage Bot

Updated on: 19/01/2022

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