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How to create popups

In this article, you will learn how to add popups to your website without the use of code or any 3rd party services.

Popup with a contact form

Unicorn Platform currently provides three ways to trigger a popup: on button click, after form submission and upon opening a blog post.

To open a popup after a certain button is clicked, go to this button's SettingsPopup tab.

If you would like to show a popup after form submission, go to After successful submission actions menu.

After submission actions menu

Choose the required trigger and click Create new popup button. Then use the Edit button to preview and customize the popup.

Creating the new popup

After clicking the Edit popup button, you can customize it like a regular page component.

Edit popup content and style

Popups are global, meaning that you can reuse them across the entire website.

After you finished editing the popup, you will need to activate the trigger. Toggle the switch on and select the required popup from the list.

Selected and activated popup

You will see an indicator saying that the popup is active for a form or a button.

This form will open a popup after submission

And that's it!. Click Save changes and open the live version of your website to see the results.

Popup after a form submission

To set up the trigger of a popup after opening a blog post, сheck out our guide: How to automatically open a popup after N seconds in a blog post

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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