This simple guide will help you connect Stripe and accept one-time and recurring payments right from your landing page 💸

Set up time: 5 min.
Difficulty: easy-peasy.
Requirements: Stripe business account*, HTTPS secured connection (provided by Unicorn Platform).

*Please note that Stripe is available in 34 countries. If your country is not on the list you will not be able to use Stripe and therefore connect this integration.

Step 1: Enable Stripe Checkout:

In order to use Stripe Checkout you need to activate it first.
Navigate your Stripe account Checkout settings and activate it:

Also enter your website domain;

Step 2: Copy the Stripe publishable API key:

Go to your Stripe dashboard https://dashboard.stripe.com/test/apikeys and copy the publishable API key:

Step 3: Paste the publishable API key in Unicorn Platform:

Kindly paste the Publishable key in Unicorn Platform:

This should be done only once.

Step 4: Create a product:

Go to your Stripe products list and create a product.

For One-time purchase, click here:

For recurring product, click here:

Step 5: Copy SKU ID or Price ID:

For one-time purchase products, copy the SKU ID: 

  1. Go to the products list .
  2. Click on a product.
  3. Copy SKU ID (see screenshot).

For recurring products, copy plan ID: 

  1. Go to the products list .
  2. Click on a product.
  3. Copy Price ID (see screenshot).

Step 6: Paste the copied ID in Unicorn Platform:

That is it!
Now your button acts as a Stripe Checkout opener, not as a regular link 🙂👍

You can paste another ID on your other buttons to offer various products to purchase.

I hope this guide was helpful. If you still have any questions about Stripe, you are welcome to ask anything in the online chat. As always.

Bonus: Advanced configuration:

Edit purchase flow URLs:

Enter "successful" and "canceled" purchase URLs to send a message to your customers or do some tracking activities.

By default your customers will be redirected to the same page with an opened popup:


Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/branding to customise logo and brand colours:

N.B.: Data processing

It is important to know that Unicorn Platform never stores your customers' emails or credit card details. This data never even touches our servers - it is passed directly to Stripe. This guarantees a high level of data security.


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