This article will help to connect your custom domain to Cloudflare™.
The Cloudflare™ free plan covers basic DDoS protection, increases your website loading speed and grants you an eternal SSL certificate.

To set it up, sign up the Cloudflare™ free plan and log in.

Hit Add website:

Cloudflare home page

Enter your domain e.g.

Domain entry field

Choose the free plan and hit Get started. Follow the steps they ask you to do to set up the domain.

Choosing a plan

Add 2 A-type DNS records: for @ and www :

Enter the value from Unicorn Platform Site settings > Domain & Publish > Set up DNS for your domain into the IPv4 address (required) fields for both @ and www records.

Adding DNS records

Set the SSL to Flexible:

Setting SSL/TLS encryption mode

Create the "Always use HTTPS" page rule:

Page rules

Enter your website URL in the field URL . Then Pick a Setting > "Always use HTTPS". After that click on Save and Deploy Page Rule

Creating a page rule

Done! The rule has been created.

Created page rule

Complete your nameserver setup:

Changing nameserver

At this step, you should go to your registrar account. Find Nameservers in the dashboard. Then select the Custom DNS option.

Copy the suggested Cloudflare™ nameservers and paste into the appropriate fields in the account register dashboard, as shown here:

Completing nameserver setup

And make sure you save your changes.

Registrars can take 24 hours to process nameserver updates. You will receive an email when your site is active on Cloudflare™.

That is it!

Now check out your website. It should get a cute lock icon near it:

Secured connections on

If something is not going smooth, simply chat with us 🤓

Please do not use Cloudflare™ Rocket Load. It will break our script.

.app and .dev domains

These domain zones require some more actions. If your domain TLD is either .app or .dev please do this:

1) Issue Unicorn Platform certificate by pressing the Issue SSL button:

Issuing an SSL certificate

2) Switch the Cloudflare™ SSL mode to Full:

Changing SSL/TLS encryption mode
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